Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are You Tired Yet??? A**HOLE!

This post is very special! (It's a WELCOME of sorts for a Nazi biatch' who has ENTIRELY too much time on his hands).

MegaDriver, (a.k.a. "MegaTeenyTinyDick who has no girlfriend"), is a looser who is infamous for breaking the rules on game servers until he gets banned. Then he launches various DOS scripts against the server that prevent legitimate, friendly folks from joining the server. MegaTeeny rat bastard feels that if he can't team-kill and show his ass in-game without being tossed, then NO ONE should be able to play.

MegaTeenySmacktardBiatch uses proxy servers from Europe, Asia, South America and even Australia to launch his BORROWED scripts, (he's not even bright enough to remove the REAL developer's tags and comments before running them).

Now that we have most of his proxies blocked, when he attempts to navigate to our main server via the Internet, he receives an error and is re-directed to this page.

So... WELCOME ABOARD MegaBiatch!!!

Hey MegaTerd... IF YOU ARE CAPABLE... you need to read THIS!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jim Ziegler - The Quality Sales Presentation

The Quality Sales Presentation

by Jim Ziegler

From handshake to the desk, the average sales person today has become a track star.

Over the last seventeen years I have visited and interacted with more than 1000 new car franchised dealerships in almost every state in the union. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you are talking about a domestic dealership or an import dealership, a high-line store, or a Hyundai dealership the story is the same. If you put a stopwatch on a sales person the moment they first shake hands with a customer, they will usually show up at the sale desk trying to work figures in less than twenty minutes after they first met and greeted the customer.

A quality sales process involves building a relationship with the customer and with the car, as well as presenting the dealership to the customer. An automobile isn’t a commodity…we’re not talking about a can of Folgers coffee on the shelf here.

An automobile is 15,000 component parts made of plastic, metal, rubber, glass, and space age materials. Some of these parts are moving at incredible speeds in excess of ten thousand RPMs with less than three one-thousandths of an inch of clearance and less than one one-thousandth of an inch of lubrication in the presence of high levels of heat. All of these parts are constantly rubbing and abrading against each other. Your new automobile is a complex, high technology machine with more than 100 times the computer memory that first put Apollo 11 on the moon.

Personally, I couldn’t conceive of anyone who would want to purchase a new automobile without a complete, quality presentation. In my travels, the highest commissioned sales people with the best CSI surveys were always those who gave their customers the best quality presentation of the product.

Unfortunately, today’s sales person often skips the presentation stage of the sale. I can say with absolute certainty that most sales people never present the features and the benefits to the customer.

The presentation is the value-building part of the sales process that justifies the price (profit). If the customer is more emotionally bonded to their money than they are to the car, they will not buy today. The walk-around is the part of the process where the customer actually buys the car. This is when it stops being “A NEW CAR” and it becomes “THEIR NEW CAR”. Once again, in my travels, I am amazed at just how terrible the product knowledge is of some sales people.


...the biggest single item the customer must be presented is the safety of the car. With all of the bad press we’ve had, the sales person needs to spend a lot of time showing and explaining the safety technology of the new car to the customer. Believe me, most of them (customers) are not aware of everything they are being asked to pay for here.


If management were hyper-aware of every deal in progress, there would never be any missed walk-arounds. Just because your sales people do great walk-arounds in the classroom, don’t assume they are wasting any of these skills on actual customers.

Personally, I would never work figures on a deal with a customer that hadn’t actually driven the car and been given a quality presentation by a sales professional.

If my alleged sales person was consistently too weak to persuade customers to become involved with the car before they became involved with the money, I’d have to help them by freeing up their future. You don’t develop sales people by catering to personality weaknesses.

Jim Ziegler

Jim Ziegler - Powerful Prospecting

Powerful Prospecting…Secrets of Generating Sales

by Jim Ziegler

I got my first professional sales position when I was six years old and became a sales manager before I was eight. Growing up on the Westside of Jacksonville, Florida, one of three children, the son of an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy was not exactly easy. Early on I learned to be a scrapper and I learned how to take care of myself. Although I can’t honestly say we were extremely poor, there weren’t any of the frivolous luxuries the preppy kids enjoyed. My clothes were never the latest style…and I didn’t own anything with a recognizable brand name. If I wanted something chances are I would have to find a way to get it for myself.

The lessons I learned on the street back then are the foundations for my success today. Since age six I have been continuously employed. Now, I can almost feel some of you raising an eyebrow here. “Maybe that damn Ziegler is beginning to start believing his own mythology.”

Okay, let me explain. Starting when I was six years old every December I sold mistletoe to housewives for Christmas decorations. When I was still in the first grade, a bunch of older kids in the neighborhood took me deep into the woods where I climbed a tree and cut mistletoe from the branches and threw it down to them. They needed a little guy who could go way out on the limbs. Of course Mom wasn’t aware of my adventure. We took the mistletoe down to Lovett’s Grocery Store (which later grew into the national chain called Winn Dixie) and we all stood around selling mistletoe to ladies as they left the store for a dime a handful. I made $30.00 that first year in the three weeks leading up to Christmas.

The next year my parents got involved. They didn’t like the idea of me climbing sixty feet up a tree and hanging off the ends of the branches hacking mistletoe. So Dad and I went to the woods and sawed off a whole big limb full of mistletoe…maybe a hundred pounds of it. We drug it out of the forest and put it in a bucket of water in the garage. Then Mom invested in rubber bands and ribbons and she bundled it in nice decorative bunches with Christmas bows. Now, here’s where the sales manager part started. I managed to get the entire neighborhood involved…even the ten and twelve year-olds. I assigned everyone a protected territory. I remember Lonnie Johnson had Rexall Drug Store and Johnny Bunn and Ronnie Smith were coving both entrances to Woolworths. We sold the packaged mistletoe for a quarter a bundle…the seller got a dime and I got fifteen cents. That December, at age eight, I made more money than my father received from the U.S. Navy.

We didn’t own a power lawn mower but I did have a shovel. Knocking on doors all over the neighborhood I charged $2.00 to edge people’s driveways and curbs. Any given Saturday was worth $20.00, which was a lot of money to an eight year-old back in the fifties. True to my sales manager mentality it wasn’t long before I was booking other kids to edge the yards…and…eventually we did get that lawn mower. By the time I was ten the business (seasonal) was profitable and consistent. Other kids tried to compete but I had more drive and better organization. Most of them went out of business quickly fading away. You see I wasn’t that interested in playing.

The first “Cold Calls” I ever made were to neighbors we knew. On the phone “Hey, Mr. Everoski, it’s Jimmy Ziegler. Would you like my friends and me to mow your yard and edge the driveway? It’s only five dollars.” The telephone was a lot faster and more efficient than walking door-to-door. Then an idea hit me…I started calling the phone numbers on “For Sale Signs” in front of vacant houses. Before long I was actually mowing yards for realtors. That was my first baby steps attempt at prospecting.

Throughout my life I have held more than 100 different sales positions and management positions…mostly part-time. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have a sales job after school and another one on the weekends. I have been continuously employed by at least one employer since I was fourteen.

My first real professional sales position was selling radio advertising. It was all cold calls and prospecting. Of course, I was a natural, setting sales records, some of which, still stand thirty years later.

Business-to-business sales prospecting is a thousand times more difficult than prospecting sales from the public. When I started selling cars it was strange that most car sales persons stand around all day with their thumbs in a damp warm place…waiting for the one thing they have no control over…waiting for an “UP”.

Traveling coast-to-coast for the last twenty years, I have visited and worked with more than a thousand dealerships. Without exception, the most highly paid sales people in the automobile profession aggressively prospect for their own customers. I have met many automobile Salesmen and women making incredible incomes of more than $200,000 a year by reaching out into the community and generating their own business.

I have often said that I can go into any city in the country and sell a car to a stranger I just met before the sun goes down. If I was to approach ten total strangers and was to ask each of them one question…I would sell at least one of them a car. That question has sold hundreds of cars for me…perhaps more than a thousand through the years. The question is… “When are you going to buy your next car?”

That is so simplistic. I often tell the story about when I was sitting in a restaurant in Dallas back in 1988 with my good friends Jeff Enright and Cameron Rigor, who at that time were managers at Westway Ford. I asked the waiter when he was going to buy his next car. He said he just bought a new car so then I asked him… “Who in this restaurant do you know that is in the market for a car?” A few minutes later he brought the manager over to the table and later on he introduced me to another waiter who was also in the market for a car. We delivered two cars the next day, one to the manager and one to the waiter. I hadn’t been in town an hour and made two sales.

One of my old friends is Tom Dorsey with Ford Motor Company Dealer Development. I saw Tom last year while performing an event for the minority Ford Dealers in New Orleans and we reminisced about an occasion fifteen years ago when he saw me sell and deliver a car to a customer I met on a Wal-Mart parking lot across from the dealership. I had walked over there specifically to get a customer.

I was eating lunch with Kent Richards, owner of Richards Honda in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Bobby Giles, a Nissan dealer from Lafayette. The waitress was an older woman. I asked her the magic question… “When are you going to buy your next car?” to which she replied… “I just got permission from my insurance adjuster to get a new car since my other one was totaled out.” That afternoon she took delivery of a late model Honda from Richards Honda.

I can tell more stories and name more witnesses than you have time to read about. I have sold more cars while farting around like this…by accident…than some of your sales people sell on purpose. It is so easy to prospect. Customers are all around you…all of the time. The point is you have to ask the magic question without being embarrassed or ashamed of what you do for a living. I challenge any serious salesman (woman) to ask ten complete strangers the magic question:

When are you going to buy your next car?

Jim Ziegler

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jim Ziegler - eMarketing

Jim Ziegler is a VERY good friend of mine. We have been close for many years.

During our relationship, Jim has helped me to become a record setting sales person, a VERY successful F&I Manager, and to be quite honest with you, an all around better person.

If I may, I would like to tell you a little about the man.

Jim Ziegler founded Ziegler SuperSystems, Inc. 22 years ago and has maintained a very large portion of his client base the entire time. He has also helped literally HUNDREDS of individuals become successful business owners outside of the car business.

Jim and his wife, Deborah, are two of the finest people you will ever meet.

The following line: "Remember, always "PAY IT FORWARD"... do something good for someone else with no expectation of reward." is permanently part of Jim's email signature.

Jim Ziegler is also a professional speaker who helps organizations who want to leverage their relationships into increased sales and profits.

For the last twenty-five years Jim has researched, trained and studied sales and marketing as surely as if he were studying for a Master's Degree in any other profession.

President of 3 Corporations, since 1986, with annual revenues of more than four million dollars, Ziegler's speaking, training and consulting business has an impressive track record for results and revenue growth.

The Prosperity Equation: New Millenium Edition… Jim's second book is here and it tells the story of his journey from desolation to millionaire and how virtually anyone can achieve the same success!

Advertising, Sales, Management & eMarketing… Goal driven, ambitious and sales oriented, Jim became a record setting advertising salesman at WIVY-FM and WVOJ radio in Jacksonville. He sold over one-quarter of a million dollars a spot. Jim was a Radio Advertising Sales Manager before he was thirty. During the "Radio Years", Jim first became involved with public speaking and sales training… he soon became an accomplished lecturer, totally at ease with audiences numbering in the thousands. Jim also broke every sales record by his third full month selling cars. Later he became a record-setting Sales and Finance Manager with some of the largest dealerships in the country.

A Nationally known Rock n' roll radio personality with WAPE and WIVY-FM in Jacksonville in the late sixties, he was also The Promotions Director at WAPE , the legendary 50,000 watt rocker.

Professional Speaker, Working Executive, Jim can deliver dynamic, high content presentations to audiences both large and small. He keeps an active schedule performing programs on leveraging relationships into increased sales and profits, internet marketing and prosperity.

Jim's signature speech, titled… "THERE'S NOTHING ON EARTH YOU CAN'T SELL YOUR WAY OUT OF" is a loaded one-hour presentation that will surely knock your socks off!

Electricity and constant motion, his "tongue-in-cheek" sense of humor, mixed with intense personal and intellectual dynamics create a depth and value of the materials he presents. Jim has substance and style. He interweaves personal stories, audience interaction and the "pillars of prosperity" to make him a cut above.

Jim is available to perform customized presentations, Keynote Speeches, Dinner Speeches, Private Sales Programs and Meetings, Breakout Groups, Planning Meetings and Corporate Events.

Jim is a professional member of the National Speaker's Association (NSA), the National Speaker's Association, (GSA) Georgia and Tennessee Chapters. Jim was awarded the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Award at the 2001 NSA Convention in Dallas, TX July 8th, 2001.

Often interviewed and frequently quoted…as a nationally recognized authority on sales and marketing, Jim is often interviewed and quoted by the national media. His articles have appeared in many national publications.

Guest appearances on National Radio networks and National Television, Jim's media background and stage presence are easy to work with. He gives great interviews!